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Tee Booking Arrangements 18 May 2020

With immediate effect ......Could all members book their tee times with Nicola 07703332149


Contactless Ball Lifter

Every hole has now been fitted with a contactless ball lifter, just hook your putter under the lip and lift...your ball will pop out of the hole!

Golf Ball Lifter 1.jpg

Golf Ball Lifter 2.jpg


Coronavirus (Covid 19) Update - 14th May 2020 

From today you have been able to book a tee time to play on your own or with another member of your household that is also a member. Booking times can be made with Jason or Nicola from today as notified in my previous update yesterday.

The Secretary has received a number of emails/phone calls regarding the course opening and set guidelines. As far as we are concerned NOTHING HAS CHANGED since the last communication to you on 13th May the guidelines still remain with the following additions:

• The restriction of members only being allowed to play in singles and another member of the same household has had a significant impact on the number of tee time bookings made today. Therefore, the club has taken the decision to allow members to book additional tee times within the first week of play. The 3 day buffer will not come into effect until 2 balls are permitted.

• Members will be permitted to bring along one adult non-member of their family household to walk the course with them. The family member must not wander to other parts of the course or clubhouse areas and must stay with the member at all times. They will follow the same strict guidelines as the member and not pick up balls from the course or touch the flagpoles etc.

• All practice areas facilities are out of bounds and not to be used.

• It is imperative that single players MUST NOT pair up at any point on the course. If this practice is carried out it will jeopardise the guidelines and restrictions enforced by Wales Golf and the Welsh Government and may result in the course being closed.

• Score Cards will not be available

If your clubs and trolley are still at the golf club you will need to ring Nicola at the latest by Saturday 16th May to arrange a time for collection. Until we are in a position to open the Clubhouse, locker rooms and personal facilities they will remain closed. My apologies for the inconvenience!!!

We are sincerely hoping that everyone abides by the guidelines as this will allow all players to have a peaceful, enjoyable game and to stay safe. Playing as an individual is not something most of us are used to or desire. We have to think of it as a way to have a very pleasant way to exercise and get fresh air. Remember, this is a return to golf and please do not expect too much.

With any luck Wales Government will rethink their guidelines and we will soon be able to play in twos and later 3 / 4 balls. As soon as this is allowed, we are ready to change our booking and playing arrangements, as a result of updates by Welsh Government and Wales Golf, as quickly as possible.

In the meantime, play on your own, follow the guidelines and enjoy just hitting a golf ball.


Coronavirus (Covid 19) Update - 13th May 2020

The course will re-open Monday 18th May.

The following guidelines and restrictions must be adhered to at all times. If members choose not to follow the restrictions there is a possibility the course will be closed again by the Government.  The information below is based on information from Wales Golf and the Welsh Government click on the name of the organisation (in gold) for links to their information.

Members who are not local will travel at their own discretion to play golf. The Club cannot take the responsibility while the government guidelines are vague.

We would also remind members who are classed as vulnerable to consider their health before travelling to the course.

The following must be adhered to until further notice:
When you arrive and leave
Please do not arrive sooner than 15 minutes before your tee time and park in alternate spaces, using the overflow if this is not possible.
Report to the starter on the first tee (there will be distancing signs on the ground, please do not move forward until the person in front of you has gone).
One ball per time will be permitted – two balls if you are from the same family home and members
Locker/ Trolley Rooms and Toilets will not be accessible.
When you leave the course please proceed to your car and return home.
Sanitiser station will be available on the first tee
On the Course
Please keep your distance at all times from the player in front and behind you.
Avoid slow play at all times
If your ball is lost please do not look for it and do not pick up lost golf balls on the course
A ball pick up system will be available on each flag pole to retrieve your ball.
Bunkers – use the back of your club to smooth the sand (rakes will not be available)
All rubbish is to be taken home with you and not left in bins on or around the course.
Ball washes and all other furniture on the course will be removed for use.
Under no circumstances must members pair up on the course
It is suggested all players carry their mobile phone at this time.
Tee Time Booking
Bookings will only be taken by telephone, please do not text or email

Book with Nicola – 07703332149 this applies to: The Grocers, All Ladies, The Shoot, Thursday Stableford, Wenvoe Village Group, New2Golf, General Membership. Nine holes only (from the 10th between 8.30am – 9.30am)

Book with Jason – 07808856316 this applies to: Winter League, Match Room, Men Seniors, Wayfarers, Conies/Hallett, Disciples, Poets, PlayMoreGolf

Tee times will be available from the first tee 8am until till 6pm
Jason and I will be taking bookings from 9am to 6pm
You may only have one tee booking every 3 days due to the potential volume of members requesting a tee time

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